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Let us sell your stuff for you!  We work with clients who are downsizing, relocating, or who simply need to clear space.  If you have eclectic or neglected pieces taking up space in your basement, garage, attic, or closets, stop tripping over them and consign them!

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"This is such a great service. My husband passed away suddenly and the shock was tremendous. They were so concerned about getting the right value for my items and not having just a fire sale! They were informed, organized and continued to sell my items for 3 more months! They increased my estate value dramatically overall. I never could have done it without them."


- Sandi Olmsted

How It Works

We offer a full suite of sales services to get the best value for your treasures. We look over your items, either in photos or during a free on-site visit, and discuss which items would be in your best interest to sell and which items would bring the biggest return. We photograph and measure the items for sale and then implement our successful local advertising formula.  We set up attractive displays, cover the building, staff and insurance costs, meet the buyers and respond to all inquiries until the items are sold.  Then we send you a check.  Simple!


We market your treasures through weekly sales events at our retail store location in Meadow Vista and 24/7 advertising on appropriate online avenues. We always take our time selling the items in our care to increase your overall estate value.  This is often the most lucrative solution for our clients. 


The minimum value to open a consignment account with us is $250 of retail resale value.



Turning Clutter Into Cash...


Can I drop off items anytime?

We prefer that you text/email photos of your items, or you can ask for an on-site appointment by the same method.


Who picks up the items?

You can arrange your own delivery to our location or we can give you recommendations of movers that you can contract.


Who determines pricing?

We make suggestions to get you the best price! In the end though, it is the consumer that determines the price.  We factor in supply and demand.


How do I get paid?

Each item has a customer code. Upon checkout, the tag is scanned to record the sale and removed from your inventory.


When do I get paid?

Typically within 30 - 45 days after the end of the month in which the item sold.


How do I know how much the item sold for?

You will receive a detailed notice with a general description of each item sold.

What happens if it doesn't sell?

We continue to market the items for 4 months, after which items will be converted to a donation status. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Elks Lodge for El Dorado County foster kids.


What does the commission cover?

It covers  the building, staff, storage, insurance, marketing 24/7, display, photography, management of listed items on internet media which includes meeting buyers when store is closed, answering emails and texts, bookkeeping, research etc.. We pull out all thew stops to make sure your items are seen and sold!


What is the commission rate?

50/50 on items over 100.00 and 60/40 (stores favor) on items under 100.00. If a credit card was used to purchase the item then the 3% fee would be subtracted from consignor's commission.


*Exceptions - Items that we accept (to keep them out of the landfill and/or a convenience to you) but cannot pay on are... Books, C.D.’s and items valued under 5.00 etc... those proceeds get directed to the Elks Lodge for El Dorado County foster kids program, also.


What items are not taken?

Typically, we find china sets, crystal, tea cups, VHS, items that are not in safe working order, clothing (unless vintage) are not in high demand and less salable. But of course, there are exceptions.